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Just getting started...on blogs and websites!

Posted by Tonal Alchemy on November 17, 2014 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

We began performing in 1996 at Babylon Bistro, One Stop. The business then moved to 68 Kelawei and eventually to 32 The Mansion where we currently are performing every Friday and Saturday night. All through that time, I am never one to keep a photo record of our times together. But with the popularity of social media via the internet these days, I always get asked by clients and people who enjoy our music if we have a website or Facebook account where they can know more about us and our music.

Well, after being asked quite a few...many times in fact, I decided to put up this website to show the history of the band, the musicians and everyone who has been involved with the band. I will try to post more photos and recordings of our performances from time to time, meaning not at regular intervals like weekly or even monthly!

However, for those of you who are interested to know more about us or have inquiries, you can leave a message here by clicking Contact at the top. I have prompt this website to notify me of messages...or at least I think I have.

Folks, I am not that computer savvy. I spend most of my time on music (practicing, performing and reading) than on the computer. Therefore, kindly bear with me if you regularly come back here just to find nothing has been added or anything new at all.

Yes, I have also been advised to set up a Facebook account of the band where postings can reach everyone istantaneously but first of all, it is unless I have anything to post. I am late getting into this social media stuff but hey, better late than never. :D